In this tech guide, we are going to show that you how we can record screen on mac.

How to Record Screen in Mac

If you are content creator, marketing guy or developer, capturing screen or taking a screenshot is a necessary task for productivity. We'll follow two different steps to record screen with mac.

  • Use Keyboard Shortcut (Shift + Cmd + 5)
  • Use QuickTime Player

Either you want to record full screen or record part of the screen on mac, these two methods will allow you to do so. If the first option doesn't work for you then please go for the second one to record screen on a mac. 

Use Keyboard Shortcut (Shift + Command + 5)

If you are using MacOS Mojave then press "shift + command (⌘) + 5" on keyboard. Now you will see the options to record screen as video and capture screenshot of mac screen as image.

How to Record Screen in Mac

You have options to record the entire screen, record selected screen and capture still image of mac. To start record screen you must select record entire screen as we are going to record full screen.

Now tap in Record option and it will start recording screen in mac. Once your recording completed you can stop recording screen by tapping the stop button as shown in below image. 

How to Record Screen in Mac

Once done you can save file and use it.

Use QuickTime Player

If are running on an older version of MacOS then this QuickTime player will help you record screen for mac.

First, open Launchpad and search for QuickTime Player.

QuickTime Player

Now select File option and tap on New Screen Recording.

Quick Player

Now you see a QuickTime player window will open with recording button. Press this red recording button and drag n drop on screen area which you want to record as video. For reference please check below screenshot on mac.

quick time player

When you will drag n drop on the screen and left the mouse, you will see start recording button. Press button and it will start recording screen on mac.

Once you are finished recording screen then right click on Quicktime Player icon and select Stop Screen Recording.

Now QuickTime player will show you the video of your screen on mac. Simply save the video anywhere.

quick time player

I hope we able to give you a good solution to record screen on with mac free. We'll try to make more blogs to help people on technical aspects.